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Moral Clarity on Israel and Hamas

Few events in this world are morally unambiguous. When such rare events do occur, it is alarming to discover that so many fail to recognize them as such.

On October 7th 2023 hundreds of Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel and murdered more than 1,000 civilians. They decapitated and burned them alive in their homes, murdered babies and children, paraded the naked bodies of young women as trophies, and massacred more than 260 young people at a music festival, including by systematic executions. They took more than 100 hostages, including children as young as one year and an elderly holocaust survivor.

Some have demonstrated moral clarity surrounding these events, including President Biden who labelled Hamas’ actions as “in violation of every code of human morality”. Others have not, from a rally in Sydney chanting to “Gas the Jews”, to American social justice activists creating a post with an image of the Hamas paragliders who descended on the music festival to commit the massacre. Unfortunately, numerous other examples abound.

The label ‘Nazi’ gets thrown around a lot. But what else are those who engage in the systematic and brutal murder of Jews? And what else are those people who celebrate these actions?

Some in the West think that support for Hamas is support for Palestinians. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hamas is a repressive regime which actively undermines its citizens’ own infrastructure to manufacture weapons and uses its citizens as human shields. As President Biden expressed, “Hamas doesn’t stand for the Palestinian people’s right to dignity and self-determination.” Those who are genuinely pro-Palestinian must be anti-Hamas, and those who are pro-Hamas are necessarily anti-Palestinian.

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